How To Finance Your Studies

Money is always the problem. I had the same experience during my time in University Science Malaysia (USM) several years back. It was not a pleasant experience indeed.

I have seen somebody who had no choices but to stop his studies because he couldn't find a way to get around the financial problem he was facing.

During my time, one meal a day was normal. Having Maggie Mee for lunch and dinner is a common thing.

I wrote this piece today because some of my students came to see me with the intention to stop studying because they are facing a serious financial problem. I can't blame them and certainly not going to do that but looks, nothing is easy in this world. If you want to get something, you got to work hard for it and that is exactly what I wish you to do.

There is always a way to come around the problem and gets going to your destination. Certainly it is not going to be easy but it can be done. Have a little faith in yourself and just do it.

To those who are facing some financial problem, there are a number of ways to get it solved or at least temporarily solved. Below are some of the possible things that you could do for additional funding for your studies.

1. KWSP Account 2 - To those of which their parent is working, I am sure that they have some KWSP saving. You can always go to KWSP get the form to withdraw money from your KWSP Account 2. The money in your Account 2 can be taken out for a number of reasons including to finance the studies of your children.

2. Pusat Zakat / Baitul-Mal - For those who are Muslim you can also try to visit Pusat Zakat office for some advices and help.

3. Visit your Yang Berhormat (YB) Office - I am sure he or her can find some ways to help you out to solve your problem. I have seen people did it and it works! After all that is why your YB is there.

4. Working part-time - There are many part-time job available in Kota Kinabalu. You can visit KFC, MC Donald, hotels and supermarket for part-time job. I did it so I know you can do it.

All you need to do it to be creative to stay alive. However please do not do any bad things such as snatching, stealing, robbing etc. Don't take anything which is not rightfully yours. May all the blessing upon you in your struggles.

You can do it!!