Welcome To KLMU Sabah

On behalf of KLMU Sabah, I would like to welcome every single one of you new students for the 5th July 2010 intake. Welcome to KLMU Sabah!

We hope that you may and of course I know that you will, use your time here in KLMU Sabah or otherwise known as Cosmopoint Sabah to enrich your self with necessary knowledge for your future. "No pain, No Gain" is a simple proverb that probably suit best to you. Along the way, you will be facing many obstacles in your quest to the top. Please don't give up easily. Nobody fails, they just quit too soon and I hope you are not going to quit so soon.

"When The Going Gets Tough, Only The Tough Gets Going" and I hope you are one of the so called the tough.

Being here in KLMU is not your so called "honeymoon" or a way to get away from your parent and be able to do whatever you want. Here in KLMU Sabah, you are suppose to utilize the most of your time to gain knowledge, skills and self-value for your future.

You will be making a lot of friends here in KLMU Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. One simple advice to you is please make sure you make friend with the right people. Associating your self with the wrong group of people will only ruin your life. Love yourself first before to love someone else.

Lastly but not the least important, should you need any help, advices or guiadances please do not hesitate to contact your respective mentor or lecturer. They will be happy to be of help to you.