Diploma in E-Business

Diploma in E-Business KLMU Sabah, KLMU Kolej SabahThe diploma in E-Business is designed to equip students with a sound knowledge of business in the twin world of e-commerce and technology. It also provides an opportunity for students to acquire specific knowledge in E-Business Studies. Students are exposed to a holistic business education that will give them an overview of the workplace with an emphasis on Communication Studies, so that students are able to give effective presentation, as well as formulate communication strategies specifically for the web.

The course curriculum provides a sound knowledge of the principles and concepts in E-Business, a familiarity with essential literature in the field and the ability to review, consolidate, extend and apply knowledge and techniques to the sector. The Diploma promises in-depth coverage of areas including E-Business Fundamentals, E-Marketing, Business System Analysis, Web Designing and Publishing and E-Business Security.

Programme Aims
1. To ensure students are able to acquire and apply the fundamental principles of E-Business Management.
2. To identify, formulate and model solutions based on critical analysis of common and not-so-common problems that will be encountered in the workplace.
3. to conduct research in E-Business settings
4. To prepare the students to be multi-skilled E-Business executives with quality management and technical knowledge, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
5. To produce graduates with a solid grounding in all E-Business disciplines.

Career Prospects Up on completion of this programme, graduates will be able to work in various organizations, or start their own business, as E-Marketers, technopreneurs, website managers, E-Business consultants, and E-Commerce solutions facilitators.