50 Cosmopoint Students Undertake Swimming And Water Rescue Course

On October 4, 2013, 50 students from Cosmopoint KK2 attended the “1-day Swim and save Cosmic Program” a basic swimming and water rescue course at Water World Theme Park at Bukit Padang which was coordinated by the school of Tourism Management in  collaboration with Aquaputra ( Persatuan Menyelamat Akuatik Putrajaya).

According to Hadariati Nonchi who teaches Tourism Management at Cosmopoint KK2, the purpose of the visit was to expose the students to basic swimming and rescue exercises in line with what they have learned in class i.e. Contemporary Issue in Hospitality and Tourism and Safety and Security for Tourism.

She said , “ at the Theme Park, we looked at what things we need to improve particularly relating to water fun facilities and the safety of visitors and tourists. “ I also associate these subjects with basic swimming and rescue courses because my students will eventually travel and deal with tourists.

“When they work in hotels, tourists centers or bring tourists to lakes and rivers rafting in the future, at least they have a basic knowledge on rescue and swimming”. “This is the first time I bring my students here. We chose the park not only because it is a tourist attraction but more so to let my students feel what’s it like to work in a real life situation given the background of my students in tourism management.” She added.

Hadariati mentioned that apart from gaining knowledge on swimming and water rescue the students were also informed about the challenges to upkeep the Water Theme Park. This whole day activity lasted from 8am till 5pm.