Students Hostel - Asrama untuk pelajar akan diuruskan dan disediakan oleh pihak KLMU.

Our students have said that our hostel fulfills all the basic criteria for conducive living. Besides being located close to all sorts of amenities such as shops, mosque, restaurants, clinics, etc, it is easily accessible via almost all modes of transportation.

Among others, students can travel to and from KLMU via the Light Rail Transit (LRT), bus shuttle, taxi services and so on. A bus stop is located right in front of the University College while the Sultan Ismail LRT station is only a block away.

Hostel Security - Keselamatan di asrama

The hostel is manned by security guards on a 24-hour duty manning the main entrance besides patrolling the hostel grounds at set intervals. With a safe environment, students can focus on their studies.

Male and female students are housed in separate units. Staying in the hostel provides an opportunity to interact with their fellow house-mates who are also students of KLMU and CICT. It inculcates team work and improve communication skills.

Currently, KLMU provides accommodation to more than 200 students. Each accommodation unit is very spacious and would be able to comfortably house 10-12 students. The following are the standard facilities provided at the hostel.

1. Comfortable beds
2. Study tables and chairs
3. Cupboards/wardrobes

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